Deep cleansing hand soak followed by folicule scrub to remove dead skin. Cuticles removed and nails trimmed, filed, and shaped with conditioner applied. Hands massaged in tradional Asian style. Total time 30 minutes.

Luxury Pedicure
Foot Spa to relax feet followed by a period of relaxation in a comfortable massage chair while we remove cuticles and hard skin from your feet. Deep cleansing scrub to your feet and nail conditioner for your toe nails and finished with a authentic Thai foot massage. Total time 1 hour.

Nail Extensions of Tips, Acrylic, and expertly finished with nail drill machine.

  • Nail Extension 1:30 hours
  • Infill 1:30 hours
  • Manicure 30 minutes
  • Luxury Pedicure 1:00 hour


Nail Extensions

Acrylic extension clear. 20.00
Acrylic extension and polish. 25.00
Acrylic extension and Shellac. 30.00
White tip extensions. 25.00
Powder colour extensions. 30.00
Ombre extensions. 35.00
Overlay clear. 20.00
Overlay and polish. 25.00
Overlay and Shellac. 30.00
Infill. 15.00
Infill and polish. 20.00
Infill and Shellac. 25.00
Extra long nails. 5.00


French manicure. 10.00
Manicure and polish. 15.00
Manicure and Shellac. 20.00

Luxury Pedicure

Luxury pedicure. 25.00
Luxury pedicure and polish. 30.00
Luxury pedicure and Shellac. 35.00


Nails cut. 7.00
Toe nails cut. 7.00
Manicure. 15.00
Luxury pedicure. 30.00


Normal polish. 7.00
Shellac. 15.00
Shellac colour change. 20.00
Hard gel. 5.00

Nail Art

Simple design. 1.00
Freehand. 5.00-10.00
Glitter. 5.00
Gems (per diamond). 0.50
3D (per nail). 3.00

Additional Services

Soak off Shellac. 5.00
Soak off Acrylic. 10.00
Soak of Full Set. 5.00
Repair (per nail). 3.00
Nails cut. 5.00



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